What We’re Reading Wednesday, August 10th

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Happy Wednesday, book friends!

Just when I thought things would settle in after a stressful week last week, our little Azula got sick. We were up most of Monday night/Tuesday morning as she was getting sick and needing to go outside. She’s curled up next to me now, resting up after a big trip to the vet yesterday. Azula hates the vet and managed to be both adorably scared and a master of sass simultaneously while we were there for nearly two hours of tests and examinations.

Number one, how dare you? — Azula, at the vet

Thankfully, the tests revealed there’s nothing major going on and she likely just ate something that didn’t agree with her or got a little stomach bug. She got some fluids and some meds to help manage her nausea and diarrhea, so we all got some much needed rest last night. Between the stress and loss of sleep, I’m feeling pretty run down still this morning, but so relieved that she’s going to be okay.

In short, I spent National Book Lovers Day thinking about books about 0% of the time, unless you count listening to an audiobook on my way to work after dropping a sleepy and medicated Azula off at home with her dad.

Besides yesterday, though, I’ve been back into a more regular reading groove, so I’m excited to dig in to this week’s reading updates!

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you, should you choose to purchase. Titles with asterisks were gifted review copies in exchange for my honest review).

Recent Reads

I finished two books last week! I wrapped up Amanda Aksel’s No Funny Business* and wrote a review, which you can find here if you missed it:

I also finally worked my way through Witchcraft Therapy, which was resoundingly fine. I think it works well to gently welcome the witch curious into the idea of ritual and spellwork, but for me the tone was a bit too “hello fellow [cool] kids” at times, leaning into the idea that being witchy is trendy a bit more than I would like. This probably makes it marketable to a broader audience and I did find it entertaining at times, but other points it just felt insincere and forced.

Current Reads

For my morning self-care/self-help read, I started Danielle Massi’s Shadow Work: Free Hidden Fears, Heal Trauma, Awaken Your Dream Life*.The author gifted me a review copy of this book, which comes out on September 20th, and I’ve been excited to get to it. I’m only three chapters in, but I’ve learned a lot about shadow work. Massi comes at the subject from a psychotherapy and scientfic background, and it’s a really grounding perspective on a concept that’s always felt a little vague to me.

I’m continuing on with Alexis Hall’s A Lady for A Duke, which I’m enjoying, though I get the sense that it’s going to be a little bit long and angsty for my tastes. We’re just about 50% of the way in and I keep being shocked to see that percentage on my Kindle, because story wise it feels like we should be much further on. I’m all for a long, piney journey in a romance but I’m interested to see what’s coming next to fill all that space between now and the HEA.

After a long audiobook slump, I’m back in the saddle with Katherine Center’s The Bodyguard* which I received as an audio ARC through NetGalley. And holy heck am I glad I took the chance on this one. I wasn’t entirely sure I’d like it, for whatever reason, but saw enough positive reviews that I thought I’d give it a go. I am loving this book, particularly on audio. I absolutely love the narrative voice of the book and the reader brings it to life so beautifully.

Up Next & On to You

The Fall 2022 semester is coming quickly, so I’m eyeing my TBR apologetically as I prepare to have little to no energy for much else besides getting through work. I’m hoping to keep up a little morning and evening reading but don’t expect to fly through the stacks in the coming months, so it’s a little hard to set any sort of expectation for what I’ll read next.

I am excited to get to Liz Parker’s The Family Compound*, which I’ve got a book tour spot for in September, and I also recently grabbed a copy of Kerry Winfrey’s latest, Just Another Love Song. Other than that, any reading that happens over the next month or so will be a gift.

What about you, book friends? How has your reading been going lately?

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8 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, August 10th

  1. Oh my goodness, I hope Azula is okay! Rocket goes through similar things every now and then. We think he eats stuff in our yard that he shouldn’t, and then it’s just…poop city for a couple days. It’s disgusting, but he always turns out okay in the end.

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