Furbaby Friday 8/12/22

What a week it’s been! As I mentioned in my WWRW post, Azula had a rough night Monday into Tuesday. We spent Tuesday morning at the vet getting all sorts of tests and meds.

Thankfully, they didn’t find anything to be concerned about, and she’s back to her normal, energetic self. I’m extra grateful for our cuddles after such a scary start to the week.

Aside from a stressful Tuesday and vigilant Wednesday, the rest of the week has been pretty much business as usual. Some reading in the mornings and some Sims in the evenings, plus long busy days at work prepping for orientation.

In addition to running the logistical show for new student orientation this year, I’m also giving a couple of presentations to our faculty. I’m a little nervous to stand up in front of so many people, but I know the material really well and have already presented to the President of our university, so I’m feeling pretty okay about it.

This weekend’s agenda includes my long run, the next bake from my Great British Bake Off cookbook, and finally digging in to my intro to writing syllabus. Not to mention checking in with my friends’ pets while they’re away, and of course finishing my current audiobook read, The Bodyguard.

Azula’s agenda includes begging for attention and lots of walkies. She’ll also be angling for a frozen peanut butter bunny, which I’m not letting her have until we’re back to normal in the going outside arena. She is not pleased by this development.

That’s pretty much it for Azula and me this week. I hope your week has gone well and that you’ve got a nice, relaxing weekend ahead!

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