Furbaby Friday 8/19/2022

TGIF, book friends! This week has been a busy one for me, which is something I’ll be saying from now until October, probably. Our student leaders have moved back to campus and, for the first time, I’ve had a role in some of their training sessions. I also ordered and picked up Panera for all 90 of them, and it turns out that carrying two giant bags full of coffee carafes will leave you with sore shoulders the next day.

Even though I approach the fall semester bracing myself for exhaustion, there is an exciting energy to this time of year. Campus comes back to life after a sleepy summer and a whole new class of students arrives and begins to make their mark on campus. Working with students is what drew me to Student Affairs during grad school and it’s what kept me there after I graduated, so getting to know the new first years is something I look forward to every single year.

What I don’t look forward to is spending long days at work away from Azula the cuddle curl (and my husband, I guess, but at least he has thumbs and can send a girl a text). Right now, Azula is snuggled up against me while I write this, oblivious to the fact that our routines are going to be totally out of whack come Wednesday morning when I head to work super early to help with new student move in.

Azula has questions about these new comic collections, which I’ll be using in my Intro to Writing course

After a challenging couple of weeks, she and I have more or less settled back into business as usual. We snuggle in the morning while I drink my coffee and read my book (still Shadow Work, which I think I’ll be finishing soon!), and in the evenings we snuggle on the couch while I play Sims and/or watch TV.

Speaking of TV, it’s rare these days that I’ll actually sit down to watch a show without also playing Sims or doing something else. But the third season of Mindy Kaling’s show, Never Have I Ever, came out this week so I naturally watched every episode in the span of two days. That woman sure can write and produce the heck out of TV. Azula watched me cry and cheer my way through the last episode while being slightly annoyed I chose to do this instead of play with her.

In all, it’s been a busy but pretty uneventful week, which is just how I like them after a couple of stressful weeks. I got some reading done, Azula got some snuggles and some walkies, and we’ve arrived once again at the precipice of the weekend.

Actual footage of Azula supervising the writing of Furbaby Friday

That’s it for the snuggle pup and I for this week. I hope you had a great week and that you’ve got a good weekend ahead.


5 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 8/19/2022

  1. Good luck with the beginning of the new year, Amanda. Too bad our furbabies don’t understand, but just imagine the welcomes Azula will give you when you get home.

  2. Azula sure looks comfortable! I haven’t watched Never Have I Ever, but I’m going to have a look at it soon.

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