What We’re Reading Wednesday, August 24th

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Happy Wednesday, book friends! I’m up bright and early today (yes, even moreso than usual) because it’s move in day at the university where I work. That means showing up to work at 7:45am to get ready to help students move into their residence halls. Over the years, I’ve moved from being one of the people who carry things to being one of the people with a clipboard who tells the carriers where to go. Will this be the year no one asks me if I’m a student? 

This is always an exciting, exhausting, overwhelming day that leads into an exciting, exhausting, overwhelming week. We’ll go from move-in to new student orientation and then right up into the start of the semester. My work days will be long, but I’ll also be getting to know our incoming class of students, which is always wonderful. 

Will I be reading much? Probably not. But, you never know! For now in the calm before the storm, let’s get to this week’s update.

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links. Titles with an asterisk were received as complimentary review copies in exchange for my honest review). 

Recent Reads

I finished Danielle Massi’s Shadow Work*, which I’ve been slowly savoring over the past few weeks. Shadow work is heavy stuff, so I felt the need to take it slow. You can read my recent review of this one here: “Shadow Work” Sheds Light on the Path to Your Best Self

On audio, I also finished Cameron Esposito’s memoir, Save Yourself*. I really enjoyed it overall, but Esposito made one throwaway joke comment asking people not to review the book, so now my social anxiety and I feel weird about reviewing the book. It has all the humor you’d expect from a stand-up comedian, but a lot of depth, too. 

Current Reads

I have started Julia Wheelan’s Thanks for Listening on audio, as is recommended since the book itself is about an audiobook narrator. I’m not very far in yet, so I’m still getting a sense of the book. I’ve seen plenty of people talking about it and absolutley love the cover, but I’m realizing I maybe didn’t actually ever read a synopsis beyond “book about audiobook narrator, written by audiobook narrator”? 

My longstanding Kindle read, A Lady for a Duke, is almost finished, but not quite. I’m about 90% of the way through and the action has picked back up after a pretty slow and angsty section in the middle. 

Up Next & On to You

Hard to think beyond “let’s hope orientation goes well” if I’m honest. I am excited to pick my next morning nonfiction read, but don’t know which one I’ll end up reading just yet.

What about you, book friends? What have you been reading lately, and how was it? 

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5 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, August 24th

  1. Such a busy time for you. I hope the new year starts well for all your students. I enjoyed Thanks For Listening, so I hope it is not a disappointment for you AmandaKay.

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