Book Mail Monday 9/26/22

Look who’s back with another Book Mail Monday? You know what that means… I added a new book to my shelves even though I keep saying I’m not doing that.

But listen. I was doing so, so well with not requesting new books on NetGalley or buying new books while I whittle down my TBR. Then, I saw that another reviewer (sorry, I forget who because my brain is a sieve) got an ARC of… The Quarantine Princess Diaries.

I couldn’t not immediately rush to NetGalley to see if the title was still available to request, on the off chance that the publisher might smile upon my lifetime love of Princess Mia Thermopolis. And reader… they said yes! Thank you to Avon and Harper Voyager and NetGalley for the digital ARC.

I read some of the blog entries Meg Cabot wrote from Mia’s perspective during lockdown, and I think I’m more than ready to sit down to a full length book full of them. This is definitely in my top tier of ARCs I’ve been absolutely thrilled to recieve.

Cover image courtesy of NetGalley

The latest installment in the series that keeps on giving from astonishingly prolific author Meg Cabot comes out on March 28th, 2023. I’m sure I’ll be jumping this one well ahead in the queue when I need a feel good read. You can already preorder it, if you’re into giving yourself a gift you’ll probably have forgotten about entirely by the time it arrives.


5 thoughts on “Book Mail Monday 9/26/22

  1. Like you, I’m trying not to hit the request button. My queue is full for several months (I’m not one of those readers who can devour a book a day) and I know my limitations for reading ( I get vertigo if I read too much). But every once in a while there is a book that I just have to request….I hope that you enjoy this book!

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