What We’re Reading Wednesday, October 5th

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Happy Wednesday, book friends! It’s been quite a start to the week. I rented a car and drove to Virginia and back this weekend for my childhood best friend’s semi-surprise joint bachelorette party with her fiancée. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains, the trees just starting to turn, and I was so glad I was able to be there for their bachelorette party.

I got back into town Sunday evening and rolled right into the workweek. On top of that, I had to deal with selling my broken-down Ford Focus, which left me stranded in a tunnel last week (you can read about that harrowing tale here). The car belonged to my grandmother, and I bought it from her just before moving out here to Pittsburgh to replace my beloved old ’92 Honda Accord. It is very bizarre to think that, whenever the car we ordered actually comes in, I’ll have a new car for the first time in my life.

Speaking of cars, I had some excellent audiobook time this weekend since my drive was around 12 hours round trip. Let’s get into the weekly reading update, shall we? 

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Recent Reads

I started and finished Christina Lauren’s Something Wilder on audio this past weekend and wow, was it the perfect choice for a road trip. I’ve read a handful of their books previously, and I know there’s always a bit of a twist to them, but I did not expect that this book would be a full-on Western wild adventure. 

The plot was way more twisty and intense than I expected, in the best way. It kept me so engaged during my drive that the hours basically flew by, and I have to say this is probably a top tier road trip recommendation for me. 

I did have a funny experience with the rental car, where I hopped into give one of the other women a ride and it synced to my phone and started playing my audiobook. In the middle of a sex scene. And I didn’t know how to make it stop because, again, rental car. So, listen with caution and in a car you actually know how to operate. 

Current Reads

I’m about 87% of the way through Lucy Checks In*. I’m still enjoying it, but I don’t feel quite as pulled along as I did in the inital chapters. The book spans a lot of time and I find myself struggling to stay as invested as we make bounds and leaps forward. This probably isn’t helped by the fact that I want to finish it ASAP so I can dig properly into my spooky season reading. 

Upon finishing Something Wilder I hopped right into Lucy on the Wild Side. Yes I did just realize I was reading two books with the same name in the title when I was writing that. I am slightly obsessed with this audiobook to be honest, and it isn’t just because this one takes place in my beloved home state of Ohio. Lucy is a gorilla keeper at the Columbus Zoo, and getting behind the scenes in a zoo as she does her work is fascinating. Plus, the enemies-to-lovers romance is so well done. 

With Blogtober happening, I haven’t been doing as much morning book readindg as I write my blog posts and catch up on other bloggers’ content. So, I’m a bit stalled with American Detox* for now. 

Up Next & On to You

I’m buddy reading From Bad to Cursed with a friend, which means I was supposed to start reading it… three ago. But I’ll catch up, I swear!

What about you, book friends? What are you reading, and how is it treating you? 

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13 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, October 5th

  1. HA! I actually read Lucy Checks In and Lucy on the Wild Side in succession as well. The star of Lucy Checks In was the found family and Lucy’s personal comeback. It’s a bit quieter than some stories, but it left me with a good overall feel. Good luck with the car (both old and new). Is it that hard to cars these days? I keep hearing about people ordering cars, and I am used to just going to the dealership and driving off the lot.

    • There’s definitely a shortage of cars with the supply chain. We wanted to get a fully electric vehicle and you definitely can’t drive those off the lot these days! We had hoped it would be in before my car kicked the bucket. but alas.

  2. I have heard sooo many stories of people having embarrassing moments over their books playing through the car. I did recently a snippet from a girl who ended up with a date after such a scenario, though. LOL!

  3. That is a funny story about your audiobook experience in the rental! I enjoyed Something Wilder very much as well, it’s such an adventure!

  4. Hee Hee, I love that audiobook mishap. I hope your passenger thought it was funny. I also loved Something Wilder. I have both Lucy books on my TBR, but haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of Lucy on the Wild Side yet. Glad you have been enjoying all your recent reads, AmandaKay.

  5. I love that you Buddy Read with a friend! I watch shows “together apart” with my family, esp my sister who lives furthest away but I need to start buddy reading with them too- so nice to be able to talk about a book you’re reading at the same time. We pass books onto each other, so have to wait to chat- it’s not the same. Hugs about selling the car- I get so emotional changing cars. Enjoy the new one! Oh that new car smell… xxx

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