Little Free Library Update: Spooky Edition

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to decorate our Little Free Library for Halloween. The idea of putting themed holiday books in the LFL struck me a while ago, and then I decided I wanted to do one better and also decorate it. Enter–some fake cobwebs and little spider rings.

We don’t have many holiday decorations, since my husband is a bit of a general grinch about seasonal decor, and I still have the amount that was appropriate back when I was living in small studio apartments. So, it was fun to realize I could pretty easily use the LFL as a space to add some holiday vibes to our yard.

I dressed the LFL up and am pretty pleased with the result! Then, I popped in some witchy books I read last year.

The library is pretty full right now, as people have been using it to drop off a number of books. I’m dubious if anyone will ever take some of them, as they’re all pretty old, but to each their own!

Shortly after I dressed up the library, I noticed someone stopping by to peruse. I always love seeing people engaging with the library, especially when I’ve recently done a new book drop.

Do you enjoy decorating your living space for different holidays?


9 thoughts on “Little Free Library Update: Spooky Edition

  1. Oh, this is amazing! I wish I lived near your Little Free Library. Yes we love decorating and seeing everywhere decorated xxx

  2. I love it! I put a wreathe on my door for various holidays, but I go all out decorating for Christmas. I do it right after Remembrance Day, November 11.

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