Self-Care Sunday

Happy Sunday, book friends! I spent the start of my day in the car, nursing sore post-half-marathon muscles on my way home from the race.

I’m so proud of what I accomplished by finishing my first in person half-marathon. I’m still a bit in awe. It was such a perfect day for a run.

My entire body hurts today, though. Which means plenty of stretching and ibuprofen and Epsom salts for me. Not to mention, reading in the bath!

I’ll be catching up on reading book blogs and posts from my fellow Blogtober participants this week, but tonight, I’m just going to rest and recover!

Have a great Sunday, book friends!


13 thoughts on “Self-Care Sunday

  1. Congratulations!!! Well done!! That is an amazing achievement. Take good care of yourself and bask in your achievement.

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