What We’re Reading Wednesday, October 12th

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Happy Wednesday, book friends! I’m sitting here on my couch with Azula curled up next to me, asking myself why I decided to go with the long witchy press-on nails this week. I love the way they look, but it is not easy to type with them on.I know some people have long acrylics all the time and to that I say, how?

Typing challenges aside, it’s been another week with lots of activities and not as much reading. Because I was with my husband for our drive to Cincinnati, I didn’t get to listen to my audiobooks as we listened to a podcast instead (Get in the Trunk by the Glass Cannon Network).

The month will continue to be busy, as I have paper conferences with my Intro to Writing students all day Saturday, then travel for my best friend’s wedding the following weekend. Then it’s Halloween, which means having a few people over. As an introvert with social anxiety, a jam-packed social calendar is the perfect fit for spooky season.

Live footage of the nail struggle, which is very real

In spite of everything going on, I’m trying to embrace the season with my Witchtober reads. So, let’s take a look at the updates I do have for the week.

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links. Side note: If you’re reading this post on October 12th, they’re offering free shipping! You can support YBF and get books for lesss — win win? Book titles noted with an asterisk were received as complimentary review copies in exchange for my honest review).

Recent Reads

Fun fact: I have to go back to last week’s WWRW post every time in order to remind myself of what books I finished over the last week. Apparently as of last week’s post I hadn’t yet finished Lucy Checks In*, but now, I have!

I’ve got a review planned to go up later this week, but for now I’ll say, my opinion of it didn’t change much in the final chapters. I enjoyed the beginning quite a bit but for me it was a bit too slow through the middle and end. The way things wrapped up was a bit… weird. I’m still processing it.

Current Reads

I’m still working my way through Lucy on the Wild Side. There’s a thing I sometimes do when reading romance where I get very nervous if the characters seem to get together too early in the book. Sometimes I’ll slow down or even pause my reading altogether because I am not emotionally prepared for whatever bad thing is coming. So my voracious intake of this book has slowed down, but will continue!

My IRL book friend Mel and I have started From Bad to Cursed, as well. So far, it’s not quite giving me the same enjoyable cozy vibes that I got from Payback’s a Witch, but I’m only about seven chapters in, so I’ll reserve judgement until I get a better handle on where things are going.

Up Next & On to You

I’m just girl, staring down at her planner, asking it not to be October 12th yet because I’ve got so much more spooky reads to get through. I can’t even think about what’s next because it’s far, far too spooky to realize how many more books I want to get to this month.

What about you, book friends? How’s your reading been treating you lately?

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16 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, October 12th

    • Thank you! I’m a very quick typist normally so I think it helps that even slowed down, I type faster than most people. But I definitely feel annoyed by them when I have important emails to send

    • Thank you! I haven’t had mine done professionally in ages, but it is such a nice splurge. These are press-ons which I prefer because I don’t have to make awkward small talk with anyone, lol.

  1. The nails look amazing but yes it’s so hard, isn’t it? I had them for my sister’s wedding. I knew practical things would be a bit harder but I struggled typing (therefore working), putting my pin number in on card readers, opening things, and taking my contact lenses in and out… I kept filing and filing mine down (especially the thumb and pointy finger) so I could manage lol. Hope you get on okay with your busy social time, I get it! I’m reading ” The Haunting Season”. xxx

  2. I love your nails, but I agree, they aren’t practical if you need to do a lot of typing. I tried long nails once and it just didn’t work for me at all. It looks like you have a busy couple of weeks coming up, AmandaKay. If you can slip in some reading, I hope you enjoy whatever you pick up next.

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