Furbaby Friday 10/14/2022

What a week! After being nervous about it for over a month, my big presentation for the Board of Trustees is over. It was a long day as the two of us gave the 45 minute presetation four times in a row for the different small groups, but I think it went well overall.

The face of a woman who is about to present for four hours

Afterwards, I got to come home and spend some solo Azula and mom time, as my husband went to the Pittsburgh Penguins game with a friend. Perfect timing, since I really wanted the alone time after so much talking.

I also had to focus on getting caught up with grades this week, as midterm grades are due today. In spite of that, I feel more caught up on work than I have in a while thanks to our fall break, which meant no students and no classes to prep for on Monday and Tuesday.

We had our Great British Bake Off fantasy league viewing party Tuesday night, a weekly occurrance this time of year. I am still furious about who got sent home (will say no more in case anyone is catching up), but one day, I may forgive the judges.

On Wednesday, it was time for Dungeons & Dragons night, aka the time I come up with crazy ideas and try to convince the DM why my character should be able to do them. Those are long nights for Azula because my husband and I both play and we’re usually not home until later in the evening.

The photo I sent my husband when he asked how we were doing last night

Reading wise, not too much has happened for me this week. My brain and body are exhausted from all the presentation prep and stress, plus the feeling of being two weeks behind on life maintance thanks to traveling two weekends in a row. I’m really grateful that I’ll be home this weekend and can get caught up on laundry and cleaning the house, not to mention making a nice loaf of sourdough.

Hopefully I’ll also get caught up on some reading and definitely some puppy snuggle time. Hope you’ve had a great week, book friends!


9 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 10/14/2022

  1. I hope you have a nice quiet weekend at home. I’m glad you didn’t mention who went home on the Bake off as I’ll be catching up on that tomorrow.

  2. Wow, what a busy week. Congrats on getting your presentation done successfully. Take the weekend to relax, snuggle and get in some reading time. It is time to unwind a bit.

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