Book Mail Monday: Mr. Your Book Friend Edition

Happy Monday, book friends! I’ve been doing a great job of not acquiring new books while I try to make a dent in my TBR. However, that doesn’t mean the flow of books to our house has stopped entirely, because if I’ve taught my husband anything, it’s how to buy books.

We also went to the library branch that’s closest to us a few weeks ago and signed him up for a library card. The last time he had one was back in college, and it was very cute watching him get excited as he looked through the library catalog.

Mr. Your Book Friend is a practical reader more than anything. He likes to read nonfiction and learn new things. His goal is to one day run a small-scale farm, and right now he is reading every book he can find about small-scale market gardening.

This week, he grabbed another library book on the subject and also purchased a book. Whenever he does this, he excitedly tells me all the new things he’s learning during our two daily walks with Azula.

Since I haven’t gotten any new books this week, I thought I’d share the ones he recently acquired.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the prospect of growing our own grain some day, so I was thrilled to see him grab this book on grain. I bake a lot of bread, and the thought of being able to mill our own flour is high on my list of reasons I’d be okay moving out to the country… just as soon as I learn to make my own lattes.

Personally, I mainly read self-care and baking books when I’m reading nonfiction. Most recently, I’m learning a lot about sourdough from Flour Power by Tara Jensen. Are there any subjects you enjoy learning about through reading?


15 thoughts on “Book Mail Monday: Mr. Your Book Friend Edition

  1. Milling my own flour is something I’d like to start doing. We do live in the country on a small scale farm. There are always just so many projects going that I can’t manage to find time to do ALL the things. I definitely enjoy reading nonfiction books on the different aspects of farm life, though. Best of luck to you both with your future endeavors.

  2. That’s awesome! It’s so much fun getting people to sign up for library cards. I have been educating my co-workers about all the things you can borrow. Two have canceled their audible subscriptions and are saving money now. I am fascinated with farming for some odd reason. I loved playing in my grandfather’s garden in Brooklyn. The fact that we were growing so much stuff in the city struck me as wonderful. I hope the husband can make his dream come true

  3. I enjoy reading about productivity and self improvement when I am not reading some sort of novel. My family enjoys using our library. Books can be expensive for a family of 5 so the library lets us enjoy our love for reading without the cost.

    • It’s definifinitely taught my husband a few things. Sadly, we had a groundhog eat a lot of his crops this year in spite of all the things he learned about soil maintenance and optimal planting times. You win some, you lose some.

  4. Love these books and the dream. My late dad always planned to have a smallholding during his retirement bless him and I used to get so excited thinking about it. It would be amazing to grow your own grain. Many smallholding and local farms diversify nowadays don’t they and our local farm has a very posh coffee machine in a “Coffee Barn”- maybe you could look into that if you move to the country for your latte lol You’d need a book barn too, of course! xxx

  5. Running a small scale farm sounds like a great goal. I hope it all works out for him, I know eating your own food is definitely healthier. I love that you went together and he was so excited. I would have loved it if my husband had been a reader.

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