Furbaby Friday 10/21/2022

This week has been pretty chilly, with temperatures below freezing some mornings. I do not enjoy the cold, but Azula loves it. She is extra energetic for a morning walk in the cold, even as I am grumpy from having to bundle up and still feeling cold.

As I write this, I’m snuggled up with her on the couch in my hoodie and slippers, getting in the extra puppy cuddles. She gets to hang out with her aunt while Andy and I are at a wedding this weekend, so I’ve been a bit extra about the pets and snuggles this week.

This year, Azula seems a bit less scared of everyone’s Halloween decorations this year, though she will still jump a bit if one catches her off guard, like the giant skeleton in someone’s driveway did the other day. I know she will be thrilled when all the trick or treaters show up at her house in a few weeks.

Besides the cold, it’s been a fairly normal week for us without much of interest to report. Hope you had a great week and that you’ve got some fun plans for the weekend ahead!


8 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 10/21/2022

  1. I’m glad Azula is enjoying the cooler weather. Too bad about the Halloween decorations scaring her a bit. Enjoy the wedding!

  2. Awww, look at that sweet face. Is it just the decorations or like more the moving type that scare the dog? It’s been a long time since I had a pup, but she was a nervous little dog, so maybe she was scared too.

    • It’s usually just when she doesn’t notice them at first. She thinks they snuck up on her lol. She doesn’t mind them, moving or not, once she expects them to be there.

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