‘People We Meet On Vacation’ is (Most Likely) Going to be a Movie

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(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links). 

I don’t always cover book news, but when I do, it’s because said book news fits scarely in my realm of interests. Funnily enough, I really enjoy staying current on what’s going on in book news, and the first podcast I ever listened to is The Book Riot Podcast. Their tagline is “what’s new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading.” 

Even if I stay current(ish) on book news, I rarely cover it for Your Book Friend because I am one human and there are so many sites out there with a ton of writers who can cover a much broader scope of news. I was also taught in high school Journalism that one must pretend impartiality exists in order to be succeed at writing about the news, and I am a woman with a lot of strong opinoins about things people don’t actually need to have strong opinions about. 

That said, I haven’t seen too many book people talking about what I would’ve imagined to be Big Book News.

On October 11th, Cincinnati-based writer Emily Henry announced that her incredibly popular People We Meet on Vacation is (most likely) going to be a movie. Specifically, she shared this Deadline article about a director being chosen on Instagram and sent out a (slightly) more in-depth announcement by way of her Substack newsletter, Emily’s Grocery List, to which I am obviously subscribed. 

She’s quite transparent about the fact that this project being optioned and having tapped a director and screenwriter still doesn’t necessarily mean the movie is a done deal. However, your book friend is pretty confident they’ll see this one through since the popularity of the book means a solid audience who will be eager to see Poppy and Alex brought to the big screen. 

I don’t know about you, but I always get a bit nervous when a beloved book is set to become a movie. People We Meet on Vacation was a paritcularly intense reading experience for me, as I read it in a single day while on a solo retreat to the woods. I have such particular notions about who these characters are, and now some actors are going to try and bring them to life? We’ll see about that. 

Regardless of my uncertainty about whether they’ll get it right, it’s exciting to see more romance novels being adapted for the big screen. At least it is for me, a girl who grew up loving rom coms and who has missed them during the lull in their popularity of the past however many years. 

I’m sure we’ll see many more announcements before the movie itself sees the light of day. After all, there’s casting to be done, and I’m sure fans of the book will have opinions. 

Here’s my review of People We Meet on Vacation, in case you’re interested: ‘People We Meet on Vacation’ Was Not the Book I Expected


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