First Title from “Mindy’s Book Studio” Now Available

Image edited in Canva. Cover image courtesy of Amazon.

Double posting on the book blog today becuase if there is Mindy Kaling-adjacent book news, you know Your Book Friend is going to cover it.

Back in June, we at Your Book Friend covered the news that Mindy Kaling has partnered with Amazon on a new imprint, Mindy’s Book Studio because I happen to be a huge Mindy Kaling fan. Today, I’m writing with an update because the first title from the imprint is now available… if you have Prime.

(Full disclosure: This post, confusingly enough, uses affiliate links.)

The Vibrant Years by Sonali Dev has an official release date of December 1st, 2022. However, Amazon Prime subscribers with access to the First Reads program can access the title now on their Kindle devices. First Reads is available only in the U.S., which means folks who aren’t subscribed to Prime or don’t live in the U.S. will have to wait a little longer to see what this first release from Mindy’s Book Studio is all about.

In addition to the Kindle edition, it appears that the book will also be published in paperback and as an Audible original. From my brief research (looking it up on it seems that the book will be available to purchase from retailers other than Amazon.

According to the book’s description, The Vibrant Years includes an introduction from Mindy Kaling. This is an interesting touch for a celebrity imprint, and I presume she will detail why she chose this title to be her first release. There’s also a blurb from Kaling preceeding the book’s synopsis:

“Bursting with humor, banter, and cringeworthy first dates, Sonali Dev’s The Vibrant Years is a joyful and fun read, but it’s also very much a timely tale about a group of underestimated women demanding respect and embracing their most authentic selves.” — Mindy Kaling (on Amazon)

In case you missed our previous coverage, The Vibrant Years is described in the Amazon synopsis as “a heartfelt novel about three generations of hilarious, unconventional, ambitious women navigating bad dates, a spiteful HOA board, reemerging exes, and secrets that refuse to remain hidden.”

Your Book Friend does happen to be an Amazon First Reads subscriber, hence me receiving the email letting me know I could request this title. Whether I’ll be reading it ahead of that December 1st release remains to be seen, but between the gorgeous cover, Mindy Kaling endorsement, and compelling description, this one has earned a spot on my TBR.

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