Book News Corner: New Imprint Focused on New Adult Romantic Fantasy and Science Fiction

Hello, book friends, and welcome back to Book News Corner, where I share book-related news that happens to cross my desk and pique my interest! This one is for the fans of romantic fantasy and science fiction, a la Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J. Mass.

Today, Entangled Books announced a new imprint called Red Tower Books, which will focus on publishing these popular genres. Here’s a look at their logo:

According to the press release, shared with me by Kaye Publicity, Inc., “Red Tower Books will champion feminist and empowered perspectives in the fantasy and science fiction space, while also enfolding in what Entangled Publishing does best…romance. The goal of the new imprint is to offer explosive, cinematic new stories and develop strong author brands in the vein of Leigh Bardugo, Tracy Deonn, and Sarah J. Maas.”

The first few titles from the imprint have also been announced and are available for perusing and pre-order on the Red Tower Books website, linked above. The first release, coming out in May 2023, will be Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yaross, set at a “war college for dragon riders.” I’m probably going to read this one, as the synopsis reminds me it’s been far too long since I’ve read about dragons.

While I don’t read as much romantic fantasy as I used to, this is exciting news for fans of the genre and a reminder that I keep meaning to pick up some of the more recent releases in this arena. If you want to keep up with new releases and more news from Red Tower, you can follow @redtowerbooks on Instagram.


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