Furbaby Friday 11/18/2022

Happy Friday, book friends! Azula and I got some alone time this week, since Andy was traveling for business on Monday and Tuesday. We also got some snow and some icy rain, which means Azula has not had the walkies she deserves. She did get some extra cuddle time as I worked from home two days this week due to ongoing IBS symptoms.

Our schedules have been pretty off this week, what with Andy being out of town and me picking him up from work a couple of times. Azula got to take a confusing car ride which was just us going to get Andy from work. She associates the car with adventures, so she was a bit perplexed when we didn’t do anything but go get Daddy, stop by Choolah to get dinner to go, then come back home.

All that driving gave me enough audiobook time to finish Tom Felton’s memoir (review coming soon), but not much time to read my print book, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. I did bring my kindle with me to a doctor’s appointment, so I got a good start on To Get to the Other Side, which was nice. Alas, I somehow didn’t realize it would be a dual perspective narrative, which is very much not my favorite in a romance.

This weekend, we get to finish up our Great British Bake Off league by watching the semifinal and final and having a bit of a bake in between. I don’t know if it’s mathmatically possible for my team to win at this point even if my one baker left has won it, but it’ll still be fun to see how the season ends up.

In my internet life, I’ve become increasingly more convinced Twitter really is about to collapse in on itself, so I’ve been poking around for some alternatives. I enjoy Instagram, but it’s image (and now video, ugh) heavy, whereas Twitter is still mostly text-based. So, I’m trying out Mastadon, which seems ot have emerged as the Twitter alternative contender for now. It’s a bit daunting learning a new platform when I haven’t really done that in a long time (I’ve been on Twitter for 11 years), but we’ll see how we go. If you happen to be on there, you can find me here. No dedicated blog account just yet as I work out how to use the thing, but maybe one day!

In all, the week went by quickly and I’m very happy to settle in to a relatively cozy weekend. The snow is going to be an adjustment for me as it is every year, but at least it means even more snuggles from the snuggle pup.

I hope you’ve had a good week and have a great weekend ahead, book friends!


11 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 11/18/2022

  1. I think you are one of the few bloggers I follow is do not fancy dual POVs in romances. I tend to enjoy getting the falling in love stuff from both sides. It’s great your dog associates the car with something positive — adventures! Mine always thought she was going to the vet. LOL! Terrified! Hope you are feeling better!

    • I definitely think I’m in the minority with that opinion. My main issue is usually the characters aren’t written very differently, so they don’t feel like two different people. But also I like a little mystery, I guess. I don’t always want to know what both people are thinking because then things can be a bit predictable. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      She kind of knows which way the vet is, but even then she’s excited until we open the door to the vet’s office 😂

  2. Hope you’re feeling better! I have a lab and she absolutely loves running in the snow, but unfortunately we don’t get it too often. Hope Azula gets to enjoy her walks soon.

  3. I’m sorry to hear your IBS is acting up even if it means the Azula gets to see you more. I enjoy dual POV romance particularly when the characters are written by different authors (e.g. Christina Lauren). I hope you feel better and enjoy the weekend!

  4. Azula has a very thoughtful look on her face! I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Twitter either. It’s sad if it disappears.

    • She is always trying to figure things out! Smart pup. Yes, I agree. I’m hopeful that it will eventually change hands again and be able to continue existing in some form, but we’ll see.

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