Book Mail Monday 11/21/22

Happy Monday, book friends! I’ve got some medical testing this morning, which means no breakfast or coffee for me until after it’s done. I do not do well without my coffee and my breakfast, so I’m sitting here trying not to be too cranky. After the tests are done, I’ll be treating myself to breakfast before I head in for the workday.

In terms of book mail, nothing new has arrived this week. I did grab a few holiday-themed reads last week in preparation for the post-Thanksgiving turn towards Christmas-y reads, but they’re still making their way to me. There will likely be a holiday TBR post in my future.

I’m also trying to resist new NetGalley requests until I’m a bit more caught up, though I do have a couple pending. In all, it’s a Monday without much in the way of updates, and I’m okay with it.

Hope your week is off to a good start!


9 thoughts on “Book Mail Monday 11/21/22

  1. I hope the tests went well. Those fasting tests are THE WORST! I am early riser (between 2 – 3 am). My surgery time of noon was pure punishment. Though, I cleared the 9 hours and did have my cup of coffee (small pleasures)

  2. I hate those morning blood tests! I hope it didn’t take long and you were able to get your coffee and breakfast soon after

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