Furbaby Friday 11/25/22

Happy Friday, book friends! It’s been an unusual week for Azula since we’re in Cincinnati visiting with my family for the holiday. Azula loves her grandma and grandpa, even if she doesn’t get to see them that often. She’s also visiting with my parents’ dog, Lucy, who would prefer to be the only dog in the house.

Yesterday, my dad and I made our traditional Thanksgiving meal, so I spent most of the day in the kitchen. We did make time for a walk with Azula while my rolls were rising, and she got lots of playtime once my brother came over with his two dogs, Hunter and Moose.

The dogs all love grandpa because he gave them some turkey

Surprisingly between all the cooking and socializing, I managed to finish reading Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow last night. Lots of tears were had throughout the last bit of the book. In all, definitely one of my favorites this year.

We’ve got a few more days of visiting with family and with my beloved city before we head back home. Azula will be nice and tired for the car ride after so much adventure, and so will I.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and a good week either way!


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