Book Mail Monday: 2022 Holiday Book Edition

Happy Monday, book friends! This week, I have a handful of holiday reads to share. These are the result of a little shopping spree I went on a few weeks ago when I realized I still hadn’t grabbed the book I’m buddy reading with my OG book friend for the holiday season. Naturally I had to add on a couple more, right?

Kiss Her Once for Me by Allison Cochrun

This is my buddy read and will be my first holiday read of the season, since it’s on a schdule. This is a sapphic holiday rom com from the author of The Charm Offensive. I didn’t get around to reading that one, so this will be my first from this author.

All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox

I read Maggie Knox’s The Holiday Swap last year, and it was… fine. Holding out hope this one will fully deliver on the Hallmark Christmas vibes I wanted from their last one.

A Cat Cafe Christmas by Cody Gary

How could I resist a book set in a cat cafe? This is my first read by this author, so we’ll see how we go.

These aren’t the only holiday books on my TBR, but they’re the new additions. I have a few from last year I didn’t get to but want to read this year, so rest assured a holiday TBR post is on its way.

Hope you had a great weekend, book friends! Let me know if any exciting new books entered your collection this week.


3 thoughts on “Book Mail Monday: 2022 Holiday Book Edition

  1. I will be waiting to hear what you think about the new Knox book. I liked it enough, but it didn’t give me the same feels as their previous book. Cat Cafe was pretty cute too. I loved all the cats. Hope it’s a good batch for you

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