Furbaby Friday 12/9/2022

I have to keep reminding myself it’s Friday, because I have such a long workday ahead of me that I can’t quite believe it. I’m helping staff one of our late night events tonight, but also working my normal work hours, so I am prepared to be exhausted. It’s almost the end of the semester, though, so I’ll get some time to rest soon enough!

This week has been a particularly hectic one as we all scramble our way through the final weeks before winter break. I also had another car incident, wherein my husband’s car wouldn’t start when I tried to head home from work. Thankfully, our campus security was able to jump it, and my husband changed the battery, so we should be good to go for now. Since the car we ordered to replace mine still hasn’t come, his is our only vehicle right now and we definitely need it to keep doing the things.

Last weekend we had a nice mommy and Azula adventure

Azula and I have had less cuddle time because I’ve had some busy weeknights, plus I had to go in to work on my usual work from home day due to a meeting. She’s curled up next to me as a write this, lit by the glow of our Christmas tree, and it feels very cozy. I’m looking forward to some good reading/cuddle time this weekend.

The weather’s also been a bit rainy and dreary, which is never fun for the pup because she doesn’t get as many walks if it’s raining too badly. On the bright side, it’s been a bit warmer this week, so I’m not raging against the fact that I live somewhere where the air hurts my face for several months of the year.

Azula in her little cuddle cave

Reading wise, I finished the first book on my Christmas TBR, Kiss Her Once For Me. I enjoyed it well enough, though I’m waiting to discuss it with the friend I’m buddy reading with before I write my review because I want to reflect on some things a bit. I’m a good way into The Holiday Trap* as well, so I’m on track to do much better with this month’s themed reading than I did in October.

In all, it’s been one of those weeks where you feel like it’s got to be almost over by the time Tuesday rolls around, and I am very glad to see the weekend.

How was your week, book friends? Hope you got some reading time in!


10 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 12/9/2022

  1. I hope you get through your busy day and night without getting too tired. Azula looks fabulous as she helps you drive the car to a wonderful adventure.

  2. The warmer temps were the silver lining of all that rain. I am homebound anyhow, and I like the rain when I don’t have to go anywhere. That’s tough with one car while you await your new one. I hope you have only good luck with the car until the new one comes

  3. Awww, Azula looks so sweet curled up with you. I hope you get through your busy day, and have time to relax this weekend. I think everyone gets busy as they prepare for the holidays. I sure hope they get your car in soon. It is hard to get by with only one car. Enjoy those holiday reads, AmandaKay.

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