What We’re Reading Wednesday, December 14th

It’s Wednesday once again, book friends! I spent Tuesday at home curled up with Azula and napping thanks to what appears to be a cold. After being chronic-illness-sick so often these past few months, it feels very strange to have a sore throat. Like a reminder of what the word “sick” used to mean to me, something finite. Not that I didn’t also milk it and ask my husband to drive to CVS to buy me a Diet Coke and some peanut M&Ms. 

The rest has helped a ton, and I feel a lot better. As a bonus, I got some good reading time in between naps. It’s been a bit since I checked in with you, since we had our wonderful guest post last week. Let’s dig in to what I’ve been up to! 

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Books marked with an asterisk were received as complimentary review copies.)

Recent Reads

I finished Kiss Her Once For Me and am eagerly awaiting my phone call with my friend so we can discuss. There was a lot to like about this fun holiday rom com with the “fake marriage at the holidays” trope. Still smiling about the Australian Cattle Dog called Paul Hollywood. But also (and this isn’t really a spoiler because the book starts with one), I never quite got over the way the “web comic” was presented. Like, those were old school blog posts my dude. Not a drawing to be seen. I have so many questions about this narrative choice. 

My second book from the December TBR was The Holiday Trap, which I just wrapped up the other day. I’ve got a review planned to go up later this week. I liked this one well enough, though I did enjoy one of the storylines significantly more than the other, which made it feel a bit of a slog at times. More on that in the review to come!

Current Reads

At long last, I’ve started The Matzah Ball. This was a ghost of holiday TBRs past, since I didn’t get around to it back in 2021. I’m a good way into it and really enjoying it so far. 

While my chronic illness is different from the protagonist’s, I’m surprised at how wonderful it feels to have the impact of invisible illness represented on the page in such a familiar way. And as part of a holiday rom com, no less! I think I’m going to really like this one, even if it is is dual POV (I know I’m in the minority for hating this, but what can I say?)

My audiobook read is all but forgotten as I make my way through the extensive back catalog of the podcast You’re Wrong About instead. Whoops. 

Up Next & On to You

I can’t believe I’m on book three of my December TBR and the month isn’t even quite halfway over yet! I might stand a chance at getting to most of my stack this year if I keep up this momentum. I haven’t fully decided which holiday rom com will be next, so we’ll see what I gravitate towards when I finish The Matzah Ball. 

What have you been reading, book friends, and how is it treating you? 

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6 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, December 14th

    • Thank you! I am feeling a bit better today, and it’s a relatively mild cold. Definitely could’ve stayed up all night to finish Matzah Ball if I didn’t need the rest!

  1. I dislike late autumn colds, they always seem to linger. I hope yours is getting better. I loved The Matzah Ball and it sounds like you are as well. I love seeing all the reviews and posts including Christmas romance books. I will watch for your reviews, AmanadaKay.

  2. I hope you get much better soon, and I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better already. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Mazah Ball, I loved it.

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