Furbaby Friday 12/16/2022

Happy Friday, book friends! It’s been a weird week since I had a cold and ended up working from home most of the week. I’m feeling mostly better, with just a bit of a lingering sore throat.

Cutting out the commute means I got plenty of reading done. I also got plenty of Azula snuggles while working from home, which was nice. She didn’t get nearly enough walks due to all the rain, but I did throw her ball for her a lot.

I finished The Matzah Ball, which I won’t be posting a review for since Mira is a HarperCollins imprint and the publisher still hasn’t reached any sort of agreement with its employees. I did really enjoy the book, though!

Last night, I started reading A Cat Cafe Christmas and I’m already 90 pages in. I’ve never actually been to a cat cafe, but I’ve always been curious about them, so it’s interesting to read about someone who owns one. Before I was a dog mom, I was a cat mom first, and it’s nice to read about so many kitties since I don’t get to interact with them as much these days.

In all, it’s been a rainy, quiet week at home with my pup and my books. Hopefully the weather will be better this weekend so that Azula can get the walkies she deserves.


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