Book News Corner Issue 6

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Welcome back to Book News Corner, book friends!

This week, we’ve got a handful of book news stories including more adaptation news, a cover reveal for Christina Lauren’s new book, and a list of 2023 anticipated releases. Let’s jump right in to the news of the week!

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First Look at “Tiny Beautiful Things” Hulu Series

Remember when Hulu announced they were making a TV series from Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things? I had a lot of questions about how this would shape out, given that the book is a collection of advice columns from Dear Sugar. In a December 14th Vanity Fair first look at the show, some of these questions have been answered.

The series will follow a fictionalized, alternate universe version of Strayed, named Clare (played by Katherine Hahn). Like Strayed, she becomes an advice columnist for Dear Sugar. Unlike Strayed, she never takes the transformative hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. The show will alternate between present day and flashbacks to the memories which inform Clare’s Dear Sugar advice columns.

After hearing more about it, I’m pretty interested to watch this when it begins streaming in spring of 2023.

(Source: Vanity Fair, by way of Google recommended stories)

Goodreads Lists Most Anticipated 2023 Releases

As we finish up 2022, we’re both looking back on the year behind and looking forward to the upcoming year. In that spirit, Goodreads announced their list of 2023 most anticipated books just on the tail of their 2022 Readers Choice Awards.

You can check out the list, based upon the number of times readers shelved particular books, here. I was surprised at how few of these titles look familiar to me, so I guess I need to brush up on my upcoming releases. A few familiar faces on the list include Happy Place by Emily Henry and Love, Theoretically from Ali Hazelwood.

(Source: Goodreads)

Writing Duo Christina Lauren Reveals the Cover for their Latest Novel

Cover image courtesy of Goodreads

Christina Lauren have a new book coming out in May 2023, and we now have the cover art! This book, The True Love Experiment, follows a familiar character to those who read The Soulmate Equation. Romance novelist Fizzy Chen realizes that, in spite of her thriving career telling love stories, she’s never lived one. Enter documentary filmmaker Connor Prince, who needs to create a compelling reality TV show to keep his job. Sparks will, obviously, fly.

I can’t decide how I feel about this cover, but I am excited we’re getting Fizzy’s story!

(Source: Book Riot news newsletter)

That’s it for this week’s edition of book news corner! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the news of the week.

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  1. I’m very excited about the new Christina Lauren book too. And Happy Place and Love Theoretically, and so many others!

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