Furbaby Friday 12/23/2022

Happy Friday, book friends! I can hardly believe Christmas is just two days away, but here we are. The gifts are all wrapped and under the tree, and I’m about to dive in to baking some berry buns and chocolately cookies for our Christmas eve gathering.

The past week has been pretty busy, as the lead up to the hoidays always is. We had our end of semester celebration for work, went out to dinner to celebrate a colleague’s birthday, and then had our last Dungeons & Dragons session before the holidays. This means Azula and I got a lot less snuggle time than usual since I was out late most nights.

Thankfully, we made up for a bit when I worked from home on Thursday. I also managed to finish book number four from my holiday TBR (I’ll be posting the review later today). I might manage 5 books before I wrap up holiday reads for the season and turn my attention elsewhere. I’m definitely craving a bit of a break from romance, so we’ll see where in my TBR stack that takes me.

We’ve got a winter storm happening right now, and it was so windy when I opened the back door this morning that Azula was too scared to go outside and I had to give her an encouraging pep talk.

Keeping an eye on the big scary sounds from the storm outside

I’ll keep today’s pupdate short since I’ve got some baking to do! I’ll be taking off from Book News Corner this week for the holiday, so if I don’t write at you again before then, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!


6 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 12/23/2022

  1. The wind was howling around here, it even blew down a section of my fence. I can understand why Azula didn’t want to go out. Merry Christmas AmandaKay.

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