What We’re Reading Wednesday, December 28th

Welcome to the last What We’re Reading Wednesday post for 2022! The next time I write to you with our weekly check in, we’ll have flipped the calendar over to the new year. Which means I get to start using all my shiny new planners and my brand new reading tracker spreadsheet. It’s the little things, friends. 

I’m off work this week, so I’ve gotten plenty of reading and puppy cuddles and am feeling quite refreshed. Let’s get to the updates!

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links. Books marked with an asterisk were received as digital review copies).

Recent Reads

I finished A Cat Cafe Christmas (my review is available here) and tried to make my way through one more holiday book. But, I didn’t finish The Twelve Swipes of Christmas before said holiday, and for whatever reason I don’t like to indulge in anything Christmassy once the day has passed. So, that one will wait in my stack for next year. 

In search of a bit of a break from romances, I picked up a book from the Book of the Month stack of shame — The Verifiers by Jane Pek. It really grabbed me from the beginning and I enjoyed trying to figure out what, exactly, was going on. I don’t read a lot of mysteries and am much less familiar with genre conventions than I am when I read romance, so it was a welcome palate cleanser. 

Current Reads

I just finished The Verifiers last night, so I don’t actually have a current read (okay, technically I have the audiobook I haven’t really been listening to and my morning nonfiction book that I haven’t really been reading). 

I think I’ll be digging in to Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting next, before I return my attention to some ARCs to keep that NetGalley ratio healthy in 2023. 

Up Next & On to You

Well, my current reads section was kind of also the “up next” section this week. 

Looking ahead to 2023, I’ve got big goals in terms of tackling the physical TBR, so I’ll be trying to really read through the books I’ve already got before I buy new ones. I’ll make exceptions for highly anticipated books I know I’ll read soon, but I want to get out of the habit of buying every book I’m interested in. Instead, I’ll be adding them to my Goodreads “want to read” shelf and only get a copy when I’m actually ready to read them. 

That’s it for me this week, book friends. What are you reading, and how is it treating you? 

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