Furbaby Friday 12/30/2022

Happy Friday, book friends! Andy, Azula, and I have been enjoying a short getaway in the Laurel Highlands these past few days.

Andy has always wanted to try skiing, whereas I am way too scared and too clumsy. But I’ve been craving a little reading getaway, so we decided to book a place near Seven Springs so he could go ski for a day while I stay at the cabin and read.

On Wednesday, we went for a nice long hike in the snow. Azula had a blast running around and jumping on rocks. She’s such a hiking pup. It’s definitely been a while since we’ve done such a long walk with her, and she was super tuckered out afterwards.

Yesterday was all about dripping Andy off at the ski resort and then settling in with my book and my pup. Azula was nice and tuckered from our hike so she was a good girl and just hung out with me (rare for a cattle dog).

It’s been a while since I’ve just gotten to settle in all day with a good book, and Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting has been an excellent pick. I’m nearly done with it after so many hours of quietly reading, and it’s so good so far!

Today, we head home and get ready to host my OG book friend and her wife for New Year’s, an annual tradition of ours.

I hope you all have a happy New Year, book friends!


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