Book News Corner: Issue 7

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Happy Saturday, book friends! This is our last book news corner of 2022, on the last day of the year. I hope you enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations, if you have them.

Book news has been slow these past two weeks, and I took a week off for Christmas, so this is a brief post with a few notable things as we round out 2022.

I look forward to continuing to share book news snippets with a side of commentary in the new year!

Barnes & Noble Announces Plans to Open 30 New Locations

After what feels like years of bookstore closure news, Barnes & Noble has announced they will grow by 30 stores in 2023.

Book sales have been up for the last couple of years, so it isnt too terribly surprising to me that B&N feels comfortable opening a few more locations. The Wall Street Journal notes that many of the plans include opening smaller stores where other, larger B&N locations closed in previous years. Some reports also share that several of these new locations will take over spaces previously inhabited by Amazon’s bookstore venture (remember those?).

I, for one, am all for more physical bookstores in the world. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out and what the new, smaller stores look like.

(Source: Wall Street Journal article, via Twitter)

Book Riot’s 2023 Reading Log is Here

This may just be exciting news to me and a friend of mine, who both use this spreadsheet to track our reading stats. But I was very excited to see the 2023 iteration go up on Book Riot yesterday, so I thought I’d share anyway.

This spreadsheet uses magic (aka formulas) to take your reading stats and put them into little pie charts. I’ve been using it since 2021 and find it really interesting (when I remember to log my books in it). You can learn how to use the reading log and save your own copy from Tirzah Price’s post, here.

(Source: A text from my friend Mel, linking to the aforementioned post)

I’m sure a few more things happened in the past two weeks, but I’ve been enjoying the holiday downtime and these are the only things that rally snagged my attention.

Happy new year, book friends! I’ll see you in 2023.


7 thoughts on “Book News Corner: Issue 7

  1. Our Barnes and Noble closed on the other side of town and then re-opened much closer to me with much better parking, so that makes me happy. I hope you have a wonderful new year!! And Azula too!

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