Furbaby Friday 1/6/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! And happy first full moon of 2023, as well.

This work week felt pretty long in spite of being only 4 days long, as the first week back after a holiday break always does. But then, I’ve got just two full weeks at work left, so I’m sure time is going to feel weird until then.

On Monday, we said goodbye to our friends who stayed with us over New Year’s, then took Azula for our first hike of the year. It has been strangely warm for January in Pittsburgh, and even though I probably shouldn’t, I really enjoyed the extra time of being outside without the air hurting my face. Of course, it’s cold again now and even snowing a bit this morning.

Azula likes to lead the way

I started my first read of the year, The Man I Never Met. I’m enjoying it, but it’s pretty heavy for something with such a bright rom com cover, so I spent a lot of the evenings playing Skyrim. As one does.

Andy and I started a food journal to track the new recipes we make this year and take down notes about how we felt about them and any modifications if we make them again, so that’s been fun. In the past, I could often remember we made something before, but couldn’t always recall if we ended up liking it or not, so I think this will be a fun and useful project. We got the idea from a podcast that mentioned a couple who kept a journal of the things they cooked together, though I forget the exact source now (possibly a food memoir mentioned on the Book Riot podcast?).

In all, the first week of 2023 has been pretty good, all things considered. I should be finishing the first book of the year in the next day or so, and then I get to start my book journal and spreadsheet, which is always an exciting moment.

Hope you’ve had a great start to your year, book friends, and a great weekend ahead!


5 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 1/6/2023

  1. I agree with you. The weight of The Man I Never Met was unexpected, but like I said, I still enjoyed it a lot. January has been AMAZING! Being able to open the window is such a gift (I am in NJ). Enjoy the countdown at work!

  2. Azula looks happy to lead the way! And yes, that twist in The Man I Never Met sure takes a dark turn, but I loved it anyway

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