Furbaby Friday 1/20/2023

I’m sorry, how is it already January 20th? This month has truly flown by, and suddenly, it’s my last day at work. The past week has been strange, and I’ve felt a bit like a ghost as everyone preps for my absence. I’m sure today will be stranger still, as I pack up my office and turn in my ID, etc.

It’s been a rainy week, so Azula is a bit behind on her usual walking schedule. We still managed to get out at least once a day, but she’s more of a two walks a day kind of pup. She woke me up nice and early today, probably out of sheer boredom and pent up energy.

Reading wise, I finished a few books this week and am currenty “on track” for my Goodreads challenge. Now that I’m all caught up on my podcasts, audiobooks are making their way back into the rotation. Currently, I’m listening to Josh Peck’s memoir, Happy People Are Annoying, which came out with a surprisingly small amount of buzz as far as I could tell. It is… not what I expected, in a good way, I think. I had no idea that he was Vine star or YouTuber, which shows how connected I am to internet culture, I guess.

This weekend promises to be a relatively quiet one, though I will definitely be digging in to the pre-move decluttering process. That includes deciding which books are making the move with us and which will be on to new homes, which is always a difficult process for me.

I hope you’ve had a great week, and a good weekend ahead!


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