Furbaby Friday 1/27/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! Today marks one full week of being a stay-at-home dog mom and writer. It’s been an interesting week, with plenty of puppy cuddles and reading time, but also small steps towards building up my freelance writing business. Azula seems to be adjusting to having me home every day, though she does sometimes give me a weird look when I emerge from the home office midday.

Because my writing isn’t squeezed in before work anymore, I’m back in the regular habit of reading a nonfiction book in the morning while I have my coffee. Currently, I’m working on Initiated: Memoir of a Witch. It’s a very strange book so far, but I’m curious to see where it goes.

In addition to working on my writing, I’ve also been making slow progress towards packing up the house. Today, I’ll be tackling my bins in the basement, which will probably be another round of donating a bunch of things to Goodwill.

In all, it’s been a strange and exciting week as I settle into new routines. There’s been a good bit of snow, though not much of it has stuck around for long. Azula has gotten to play in it a bit, and we’ve had some quite snowy walks, which is always a nice reminder of how having a dog changes your life.

This weekend we’ve got a few plans, but I’m hoping I’ll also be able to finish True Biz and round out the month with eight books read!

How was your week?


10 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 1/27/2023

  1. What a huge change in your life, no wonder Azula is confused. Moving and packing is always so difficult when you have to decide what makes the cut. Good luck with that. That book sounds interesting. I am assuming the author is Wiken, but I could be wrong. Have a wonderful weekend, AmandaKay.

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