Furbaby Friday 2/3/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! I’ve wrapped up my second week working from home, and it’s been a relatively productive one. Azula and I are in the habit of taking a lunchtime walk, and the sun has been shining even if it’s also been relatively cold.

I haven’t been doing much reading now that I have my replacement joycon and can play Stardew Valley again, but I am slowly making my way through my morning read and my audiobook. My virtual running club also has a monthlong race going, so I’ve been walking 6.2 miles a day to contribute my maximum daily miles to the team.

Spoiler Alert is a bit spicier than I generally prefer, particularly when it comes to audiobook listens, but I am enjoying it okay. I do feel like it’s one of those books where the central conflict is obviously brewing and I’m just waiting for the moment when it comes.

This weekend will be a relatively quiet one, with plenty of packing and tidying up the house. Our realtor is visiting on Monday to take a look at the house and make recommendations for what needs to happen before we put it on the market.

In Case You Missed It

I thought I’d start adding in little weekly recaps of the other posts on the blog from the previous week, since these Furbaby Friday posts are often pretty short little check-ins. So, ICYMI, here’s what else went up this week:

That’s about all for this week’s furbaby Friday check-in, book friends! I hope you had a good week and have a solid weekend ahead!


4 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 2/3/2023

  1. I steered clear of that series as I heard it was quite steamy. I read one this week that was quite descriptive and had a lot of vulgar language but the story was great, so I kept reading. Glad you and Azula have a great routine going. I see he wants to play ball. 😁 I hope you get great feedback from your realtor.

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