Book News Corner: Issue 12

Hello and welcome back to Book News Corner! We’re going for cozy vibes in the corner this morning, as it’s been extra chilly in Pittsburgh the past few days. As I write this, the temperatures are in the single digits.

So let’s light a candle, grab a cozy blanket, and dig in to the week’s book-related news! 

(Full disclosure: This post uses affiliate links).

A Haunted New Series from Jen DeLuca 

On January 31st, 2023, PublishersMarketplace announced that Jen DeLuca’s latest book, Good Bones, has been acquired by Berkley. This will be the first book in a new series about a haunted coastal town in Florida and centers on a woman who buys a new house, only to discover a ghostly presence. Thankfully, there’s a handsome local coffee shop owner available to help with the investigation. Um, yes please! 

On February 1st, DeLuca tweeted about the announcement, which also includes exciting news for fans of the Well Met series — she’s signed on for book five! 

(Source: Tweet from Jen DeLuca, featuring image from Publishers Marketplace)

Ant-Man to Release Memoir in MCU and IRL

Cover image from Amazon

I’m not sure when I last felt so unsure how to feel about a piece of book news, but this one has me stumped. In the upcoming MCU Ant Man: Quantumania film, Scott Lang aka Ant-Man has apparently written a memoir. And that memoir is going to be released in real life by Hyperion publishers, according to this article from Marvel

They’re going all in, with the author listed as Scott Lang, including a bio that clearly references the life of the character played by Paul Rudd. I have a lot of questions, and my first one is “Did anyone ask for this?” The book comes out on September 5th, 2023, so I guess we’ll find out. 

(Source: Book Riot News newsletter)

That’s all I’ve got for book news that grabbed my interest this past week. It felt a bit like a slow week, but I feel like that makes sense given the general vibe of these early months in the year. I’ll be back next week to chat about what’s going on in the book world!

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4 thoughts on “Book News Corner: Issue 12

  1. I wonder who DeLuca pulled into the fold to keep the Well Met series going. I am excited. Even though I don’t read too many paranormals, I am intrigued by the new book description. Good stuff!

  2. I’m excited about the Jen De Luca news! Book 5 for the Well Met series and a ghost series! This is very exciting. Thanks for sharing.

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