Book News Corner: Issue 13

Welcome back to Book News Corner, book friends! This is our 13th issue, either a lucky or a scary number depending on your personal superstitions. I think I fall somewhere in the middle, but either way, it’s exciting to put out another issue. 

Following bookish news has long been a hobby of mine, and I’m loving sharing it with all of you. We’ve got a handful of book news stories for the week, so let’s get right to it!

HarperCollins Reaches Tentative Agreement with Union

On February 9th, the HarperCollins Union account Tweeted that they have reached a tentative agreement with the publisher. The Union has been on strike since November 2022, so this is undoubtedly welcome news for those involved. 

According to follow-up tweets from the Union, the agreement includes salary increases across the board and a lump sum bonus to union employees. 

(Source: HarperCollins Union Twitter account)

Stephenie Meyer Announces Two Additional Twilight Books

According to Book Riot, the author of Twilight will once again be revisiting the world of her sparkly vampires with two additional books in the Twilight universe. Though I was once an Edward Cullen stan in a former life as a vampire-obsessed teen, I can’t say I’m particularly interested in reading more from the author. 

Not many details are available about what these new books will be about… Jacob’s perspective now that she’s written Edward’s, perhaps? All joking aside, I will be curious to see what Meyer is up to and whether Twilight fans will be excited for what’s next from the author. 

(Source: Tweet from Goodreads account, linking to this Book Riot article). 

Lego Releasing Massive Lord of the Rings Rivendell Set

I kept seeing people talk about this upcoming Lego release on Twitter and Instagram, so I can assume that either people are very excited or the algorithm assumes I would be very excited. There’s a version of my life where I’m a nerdy Lego set gal, but alas, I’m not living in that corner of the multiverse. I will enjoy watching other people build cool things from afar, however. 

The new Rivendell set is over 6,000 pieces and includes 15 character figures. According to, it will release on March 8th, 2023. 

(Source: Social media in general, then a quick Google of

That’s it from me this week, book friends! Any interesting news stories that came across your radar this week? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Book News Corner: Issue 13

  1. I’m very pleased to hear about the Tentative Agreement between Harper Collins and their union. I was never a Twilight fan, but my daughter was. I’m not sure how I feel about more books. Maybe it’ll be about a second generation of vampires? Who knows!

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