Book Mail Monday 2/13/2023

Happy Monday, book friends! It’s officially moving week, and our house is more boxes than anything at the moment. I’ve resisted buying any new books until we get to the new house, but it’s hard to resist when a publisher reaches out to offer an ARC. So, I do have one new book to write about for this week’s Book Mail Monday! Many thanks to Simon & Shuster for the complimentary copy.

This book came late Friday night, with an unusual after dark UPS drop off. Azula was zero percent pleased to see the UPS guy on her porch at 6:30pm and she wanted the entire neighborhood to know. I, however, am never not happy to see book mail.

This week’s new addition to the stack is Everything’s Fine* by Cecilia Rabess. This book follows Jess, who finds herself working at Goldman Sacks as the only Black woman on her floor. To make matters even more complicated, her old college rival winds up being her only ally… and maybe something more. Josh is white, preppy, and the kind of guy who enjoys playing “devil’s advocate.” Can they… or should they… make things work in the political landscape of 2016?

This book doesn’t have the best Goodreads rating at the moment (2.66 from 175 ratings), but I think it sounds interesting and am looking forward to seeing for myself! Have you heard of this one?


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