What We’re Reading Wednesday, February 15th

Happy Wednesday, book friends! We’ve continued to have a bit of sunshine and warmer temperatures this past week, for which I am incredibly grateful. Naturally, the coldest day on the forecast is also the day we’re moving to the new house, but carrying all those boxes will keep us warm… right? 

I am getting eager to unpack my books and have them on the shelves around me again, so at this point I’m counting down the days. I’m pretty much down to my Kindle books and audiobooks, as everything else is packed, even the TBR. Nevertheless, I read on. Let’s get to the updates for the week.

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links. Books marked with an asterisk were received as complimentary review copies in exchange for my honest opinion).

Recent Reads

I finished True Biz last week, then tore my way through Falon Ballard’s Just My Type* as well. I thoroughly enjoyed both books for very different reasons. 

True Biz was a fascinating look at the Deaf community and the different ways people relate to it, although I did feel the book ended kind of abruptly. 

Just My Type* is a super cute lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers romance between two writers, with a lot of excellent banter. My full review for this one will be up tomorrow, so check back. 

I also finished my audiobook read, Evanna Lynch’s raw and honest memoir, The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting. It was hard to read at times because of the subject matter, but so open and transparent about the challenges of anorexia and being a young woman in the world. 

Current Reads

I have just barely started The Friendship Breakup* and am only a few digital pages in, so not much to report about this one yet. 

On audio, I’m a few chapters in to The Authenticity Project by Claire Pooley. It’s taking me some time to get used to the narrator, but I think I’m going to enjoy this one. 

Up Next & On to You

Most of my mind is on the upcoming move this weekend, but I do know I’m going to dive right in to Really Good, Actually as soon as I unpack my TBR and settle in. 

What about you, book friends? What have you been reading, and how is it treating you? 


7 thoughts on “What We’re Reading Wednesday, February 15th

  1. Cold is not too bad. Let’s hope the day stays dry for your move. I loved The Authenticity Project. The way their lives fit together was so wonderful, but I read the book. YES! Ballard’s book was so good, and I am thrilled you enjoyed it

  2. I hope the move went well, AmandaKay and you didn’t freeze your fingers. I am intrigued by True Biz. I taught Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for a year and know they had a lot to deal with from the community.

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