Furbaby Friday 2/17/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! We close on the house today and move in tomorrow, so it’s been one last week of packing and planning before we can finally get this over with. Azula is very disgruntled with all the changes to her environment, so I’m sure she’ll take a bit to adjust once we’re in the new place.

We had a rainy day yesterday, so she only got one walk, a big change with how many days she’s been getting three lately. I also had a migraine, so she was in full nurse Azula mode for much of the day. Dogs really do know how we’re feeling.

On Tuesday night Mr. Your Book Friend and I had our Valentine’s Day date. I got my favorite burger at Burgatory, then he reminded me there’s a Barnes & Noble around the corner. Naturally, we went there after dinner and he got me a couple of new books. All in all, a great way to spend the day.

Not much else to report from the week, as I’m sure you’re all quite ready to be done hearing me complain about packing! Soon I’ll have photos of my bookshelves in thier new space to share.

It maybe goes without saying, but I won’t be posting Book News Corner tomorrow since I’ll be busy with the move. You probably won’t hear from me again until Monday, so have a great weekend!

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