Book News Corner: Issue 15

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Hello, book friends, and welcome back to Book News Corner! Book news has felt a bit slow/repetitive this week, at least in my little corner of the bookish internet. 

I think I’ve seen about a million posts about the Daisy Jones & The Six adaptation and very little else. Since I haven’t read the book and don’t plan to watch the adaptation, I haven’t paid too much attention to the chatter, but I do hope people are enjoying it! 

There’s always at least a little something good on in the world of books and reading, though, so let’s dive in to the stories from this week!

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Great British Bake-Off Contestants Announce New Books

Two book and Bake-Off related stories this week, which is always a little bit exciting. As you probably know if you follow the show, many contestants wind up writing at least one cookbook after their stint on the show. However, former contestant Kim-Joy continues to break the mold and has written a graphic novel! Given her penchant for cute, anime-style cakes, this feels like a natural move and I’m super excited to see it! 

The book is called Turtle Bread: A Graphic Novel About Fitting In, Baking, and the Joy of Friendship. The book, which is set for a print release in Fall of this year, is inspired by Kim-Joy’s mental health experiences and her love of baking. 

Janusz, a fan favorite contestant and all around fun personality from the most recent season of Bake Off also announced on his Instagram that he’s gotten a book deal. No details about the project are available yet, but he has promise he is “putting his whole Janusz” into the project, which almost guarantees it’ll be fun and unique. 

(Sources: Book Riot News newsletter, @ januszbakes on Instagram)

Barnes & Noble Announces Overhaul to Rewards Program

Over the last few years, B&N has made a number of changes in an effort to claim back some of the book market. Most recently, they are changing up their rewards program. 

The new system will be a tiered approach, with two levels that members can choose between. There is now a basic, free rewards membership called Barnes & Noble Rewards. Those who sign up are enrolled in a new stamp-based rewards system, earning a stamp for every $10 they spend. Once you reach 10 stamps, you earn a $5 reward towards your next purchase.

The next, more perk-filled, level costs $40 a year and is called the Premium Membership. It includes 10% off online and in store, cafe beverage upgrades, one free tote bag a year, free online shipping, and the aforementioned stamp-based rewards system. 

It’ll be interesting to see how readers feel about this program. I was never a member of the prior program, which was only one level and cost $25 a year, so I’m afraid I can’t compare perks. However, my closest bookstore is now a B&N so you’re likely to see me opting in for the free level and reporting back. 

(Source: Book Riot podcast and this article from their website)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Getting a Sequel, For Some Reason

I think my headline gives away my personal feelings on this one, which is mainly… why? But, regardless of whether anyone was asking for it, Dr. Seuss Enterprises is poised to deliver a sequel called How the Grinch Lost Christmas. It comes out on September 5th and you can learn more here

(Source: Book Riot news newsletter, linking to EW article above)

That seems like a good enough spread of bookish news for this week, so I’m going to leave it there. As always, let me know your thoughts on the stories of the week and share any that I may have missed! Hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll see you in Book News Corner again soon. 

FYI, this was posted quicky from a cell phone hot spot because our power has been out since last night. So, I might not be too responsive to comments until our power is restored, but I appreciate you! 


5 thoughts on “Book News Corner: Issue 15

  1. You made me laugh with that Grinch thought. Why? Because they cannot come up with anything original for movies. There’s a reason it’s been so long since I watched one. I have no interest in Daisy either.

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