Book Mail Monday 3/6/2023

Happy Monday, book friends! We are on day 4 without power at home and had to drive over to the in-laws to use their internet, hot water, and heat for the day. The power company alleges that “most” customers will have power restored by 11pm tonight, so fingers crossed that we are part of that “most.” Thankfully, it’s been relatively warm outside and we were able to stock up on food that doesn’t require heating aside from what we can do on the gas stovetop. Still, I am very much ready for the power to be back on.

Before the wind storm on Friday, I did get some early birthday book presents, which I’m excited to share about on today’s Book Mail Monday! As a Book of the Month BFF, I got a free add-on since my birthday is in March, and I also treated myself to a book and a new tarot deck that arrived last week.

Book of the Month Pick: The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi

A female pirate on the verge of retiring from a successful career takes on one last job… and of course, it winds up being more than she’s baragained for. How can you say no to a book with a premise like that?

Book of the Month Birthday Add-On: Weyward

Three generations of women contend with their family’s history and relationship to witchcraft across five centuries. Yes, please.

Gift to Myself: Llewellyn’s 2023 Sabbats Alamanac

I only recently learned that Llewellyn puts out an annual guide to the Wheel of the Year celebrations, so naturally I had to snag a copy for this year. Or what’s left of it, since this book started with Samhain 2022 and will go through Mabon 2023.

That’s it for this week! I’m sure I’ll be using the usual birthday month excuse to treat myself to a few more goodies before the 17th rolls around, but we’ll see how it goes. Since I have internet today while my husband works his full shift, I’m hoping to get a bit caught up on blog hopping!


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