Mini Review: The Quarantine Princess Diaries

Format Read: eBook (NetGalley ARC)

Rating: 3 Stars 

Ahh, nostalgic returns to book series from my youth. I confess I kind of love the trend of authors like Meg Cabot revisiting their teenage protagonists to check in on their adult lives. 

During the early days of the pandemic, Meg Cabot released some blog posts letting us know what Princess Mia was up to. Naturally, these posts joined up with some new entries to eventually become an entire book — The Quarantine Princess Diaries. I kind of still can’t believe that I got approved for a digital ARC of this one, so a thousand thank yous to NetGalley and Avon for the pleasure.

This is a mini review in large part because I can’t quite make up my mind on how to feel about this book. On the one hand, I’ll never say no to a chance to catch up with Mia. On the other hand, it’s a bit hard to blend the humor and ridiculousness of Mia’s overreactive tendencies with something as serious as the COVID-19 pandemic. At times, I felt the tone was a bit of a miss in this regard.

However, in terms of seeing what all of our favorite characters would be up to during the pandemic, this book fully delivers. It was great to see Grandmere partying on yachts and Lilly in all her lawyer glory, not to mention a few appearances from a now very old Fat Louie. The nostalgia factor definitely delivers here, and Cabot doesn’t miss a single character callback that I can think of, even if some get more page time than others.

This is a quick read and manages not to make thinking back on the quarantine days of the pandemic too painful. I’m glad I had the chance to read it and definitely recommend it to anyone who grew up with Princess Mia. Would I say this is the best entry point to new fans? Probably not. Would I personally still read a hundred more diary entries from Princess Mia? Almost definitely. 

The Quarantine Princess Diaries comes out on March 28th and is available for preorder in all the places. 


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