Book News Corner: Issue 16

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Happy Saturday, book friends! It’s been a great week of keeping up with book news after a few hectic Saturdays of scrambling to compile this column on Saturday morning. 

At last, I’m back in the groove of having a running draft to collect things as I come across them, which I personally think makes for a better variety of bookish news. This week, we’ve got book awards, adaptation trailers, and a cover reveal for your enjoyment. 

(Full disclosure: This post uses affiliate links.)

Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist Announced

The Women’s Prize for Fiction has released their longlist for the award, which you can read on their website. The prize recognizes phenomenal writing in English, by women anywhere in the world. 

Per usual, yours truly has read exactly zero of the titles on the longlist, so I’m afraid I don’t have much commentary to offer here except to say I’ll be curious to see who wins this year and will probably add some of these titles to my TBR. 

(Source: Comfort Reads blog post about the longlist)

Hulu Releases Trailer for Tiny Beautiful Things 

If you’ve been around Book News Corner for a while, you probably know I’ve got my eye on this adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar column. Earlier this week, Hulu dropped a trailer which includes the official release date for the series. Here’s the trailer, for your viewing pleasure:

After seeing this, I’m firmly in the excited about this show camp. All episodes drop on April 7th, which is a bit of a shame as I much prefer a good episode-by-episode drop to give me something to look forward to for a longer period of time. At any rate, you’ll probably catch me watching this and crying over the span of an afternoon. 

(Source: An ad on Instagram, I think?)

Cover Reveal for Ali Hazelwood’s YA Debut

Cover image courtesy of Amazon

Hazelwood is making her YA debut with a love story about two chess competitors. The book will be called Check & Mate, and the cover is appropriatey chessboard themed. It will release on November 7th, 2023. 

I am still a book behind with Hazelwood’s catalog since I’ve yet to get to Love on the Brain, but have a hunch that her writing will be well suited to YA. I’m looking forward to this one.

(Source: Book Twitter)

That’s it for this week’s edition! Any bookish news stories that stuck out to you this week? Let me know! 


2 thoughts on “Book News Corner: Issue 16

  1. Such interesting news this week. I checked out the long list of Women’s fiction and I’ve read one book! Demon Copperhead. But that’s all .

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