5 Book Recommendations Based On Songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Image from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, property of the CW 

Is it a bit random to pair books with songs from a show that ended years ago? Yes, possibly. But, I loved (most of) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend when I watched it a few years ago, and I still frequently listen to my favorite songs from the show. 

The inspiration behind matching books to songs was seeing something about being the villain in your own story, which got the song from the show stuck in my head. From there, I wondered about which book might fit the theme from the song, and then I got on a roll. So, I present to you a great excuse to revist the hilarious songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and grab some book recommendations along the way. 

A quick note in case you’re not familiar with this show… the lyrics of some of these songs are pretty NSFW, so proceed at your own risk. 

If You Love “First P**** I Saw”… 

Read: The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn

I read this book ages ago, but it immediately popped into my head when thinking about Paula’s song about her first, erm, cucumber. The book follows an aspiring romance novelist who realizes her lack of real world experience might get in the way of her career. She goes on a quest to gain some experience in the bedroom, and hilarity ensues. 

While belting out “Villain in My Own Story”… 

Check out: Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey

“Villain In My Own Story” is, to me, about those times when you can’t stop getting in your own way, but you’re not always super honest with yourself about it. This book about a young woman navigating her divorce has a similar vibe. 

If you’re into “Who’s The New Guy?”… 

Try: Just My Type by Falon Ballard 

In Just My Type, Seth’s a new guy in the office and everyone is abuzz about why he’s there and the competition between him and his ex-girlfriend. He’s not quite the bad boy that Nathaniel is when we first meet him, but something about the office vibe feels similar to me. And of course, there’s the romantic tension between our new guy and the protagonist. 

If you plan to get “A [Lot] of Cats”… 

Why not read: All Grown Up by Jami Attenburg

This song is a joke but it’s also about embracing the single life, which reminds me so much of All Grown Up. The book follows a single woman who’s struggling to balance her own contentedness with singlehood with her family’s expectations about growing up and what it means to be an adult. 

(I had some issues embedding the video for this one, so here’s a link if you want to listen).

In the mood to “Generalize About Men”… 

Get revenge on one with: Payback’s A Witch 

I still think about the “John Tucker Must Dies meets Triwizard Tournament” pitch for this book because it is so perfect. Two women team up to get revenge on a cheater in this witchy, sapphic rom com. 

And there we have it, five of my favorite songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the books to match. I could, to quote Captain America, do this all day, but I think I’ll stop for now.


6 thoughts on “5 Book Recommendations Based On Songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  1. I have never watched my Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but after listening to those songs, I need to find it. It looks hilarious. Great share, AmandaKay.

  2. I now want to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! I love this post and how you match books to the songs. So fun!

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