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When I saw this D&D inspired book tag by Witty and Sarcastic Book Club, I knew I had to try my hand at it! If you’ve somehow managed not to know this before now, I’m a huge TTRPG nerd with a love for Pathfinder and D&D.

This tag invites you to pick book characters who fit into the different character classes from D&D. For more info, check out the original post here.

Barbarian: Name a character with a temper

Hmm… I think I’ll go with Zane Cobriana from the Kesha’Ra series. I’ve had these books on the brain lately so naturally he comes to mind. I think he’s got more Rogue vibes in general, but I recall quite the temper as well.

Bard: Name a book/character for which music is important

Music plays a key role in Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen. It’s been years since I’ve read it but it came to mind immediately for this prompt.

Cleric: Name a book/character for which religion plays a large role

Can’t say I’ve read many books like this, so let’s go with Lauren Groff’s Matrix, which centers around nuns.

Druid: Name a Book where nature plays an important role

Got to go with H is for Hawk for this one! MacDonald gives major Druid vibes as she forms a relationship with her hawk in order to process her grief.

Fighter: Name a book with great fight scenes

Oh, gosh. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that even had fight scenes in it. Erm… the only thing that comes to mind is the TV-scripted fight scenes that play out in Spoiler Alert, because those parts were some of the most enjoyable bits of reading that book for me.

Magic Users: Name a book or character with cool magic

So many fun magic systems out there but I really enjoyed the unique take in The Nature of Witches, where different witches are attuned to magic associated with the four seasons.

Paladin: A holy warrior

I’ve got nothing here except to cite Matrix again, which feels like cheating.

Ranger: Name a character that is in tune with the wild

I’ll go with all three women from Weyward here, as its their unique relationship to the wild world that gets them marked as other.

Rogue: Name a book or character with cunning

Hmm… I think Katie True from Play the Fool is a good one here. She’s got a keen sense of reading people which helps her both as a Tarot reader and amateur sleuth.

Well, that was fun! I’m excited to go and see the Dungeons & Dragons movie this weekend, so this tag was kind of perfect timing to think about the game and get even more ready to go watch a movie inspired by it.


5 thoughts on “The Dungeons & Dragons Book Tag

  1. I featured Just Listen last week in a post, and one of my fellow bloggers featured it today, and here it is again! That must be the universe telling me to do re-listen. I am terrible at tags and coming up with answers. You did a great job!

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