Books New Corner: Issue 20

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Grab your coffee, tea, or beverage of choice and come settle in to book news corner! We’re officially in our 20s, and I couldn’t be more happy to see this weekly column leave her teenage years. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to the book-related news from the week! 

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Mindy Kaling & Oprah Winfrey to Adapt “Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers”

Adaptation news just keeps on coming! The popular mystery novel Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers has been picked up by Harpo Films and Kaling International, to be developed into a TV series at Warner Brothers. 

(Source: Mindy Kaling on Instagram)

Cover Revealed for Beth O’Leary’s “The Wake-Up Call”

Cover image from Quercus Books on Twitter

Beth O’Leary has a new rom-com coming out in Septemer, and the cover has just been revealed by Quercus Books on Twitter! Per usual, it’s adorable. This is likely the UK cover, so we’ll see if the US cover differs. The book is called The Wake-Up Call and features an enemies-to-lovers romance set in a failing hotel. Yes, please. 

(Source: Twitter)

HBO Max TV Series Revamp of Harry Potter is a Go

After what feels like years of unsubstatiated rumors, HBO Max is set to create a TV series adaptation of Harry Potter. It will be interesting to see how this performs, given the controversy around JK Rowling.

The fandom is still vibrant, but so centered around the original books and movies that I’m not sure how many people are eagerly awaiting a whole TV series. I guess we’ll see based on how it performs when it releases, currently estimated to happen in 2025/2026.

(Source: Book Riot podcast.)

We’ve Got a Teaser Trailer for “The Marvels” 

Movie poster for The Marvels, property Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel remains one of my favorite movies in the MCU, and I have been eagerly anticipating the sequel for ages. At last, The Marvels has a release date (November 10th in the US) and a teaser trailer. Three female superheroes team up in one movie? This is the most excited I’ve been for a Marvel thing in years! 

(Source: TheSkimm daily newsletter)

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, book news enthusiasts! 

What do you think about the news of the week? Any stories that I missed? 


4 thoughts on “Books New Corner: Issue 20

  1. I am really looking forward to reading Vera Wong. I’ve seen so many great reviews for it. I’ll definitely want to check out the adaptation when it comes out later, too.

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