Book News Corner: Issue 21

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Welcome back to Book News Corner, book friends! I’ve developed a fun new habit of just screenshotting interesting news stories so I don’t forget about them. This is great in theory, except that a screenshot is not a link to any actual information about said news story. Whoops. 

Thankfully, Google is a thing, and I can relocate the information I need easily enough. Let’s dive in to the news of the week!

“Zombies Run” Creators Launching Marvel Fitness App

The company that created the popular “Zombies Run” fitness app, which encourages users to move with stories about being chased by zombies, is launching a new product.

“Marvel Move” features motivational stories with the familiar comic book characters. Personally, I have zero interest in zombie stories but am very here for pretending to be a superhero. Runners, assemble (but not until this summer, when the app launches). 

(Source: Book Riot news newsletter)

We’ve got a Trailer for the Lessons in Chemistry Adaptation 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I have the utmost faith that Brie Larson can pull off playing Elizabeth Zott. Naturally, I was excited to see the trailer and be proved right. 

Alas, it’s really more of a teaser trailer and doesn’t give us too much of an indication of whether the adaptation will manage to capture the quirky tone that makes the book so amazing. Still, I am going to have to reluctantly subscribe to another streaming service when this one comes out. 

(Source: Google’s recommended articles, who know me the most)

Patti LuPone Reveals Her Character in “Coven of Chaos” Reads Tarot

In an interview, Patti LuPone gave a few vague details about the character she’ll play in the upcoming follow-up to WandaVision, Coven of Chaos. We still don’t know much, of course, but we do know that Tarot is involved. 

This makes sense for a show about witches, but like this writer for The Mary Sue, I’m a bit conflicted. Tarot is often misrepresented in pop culture, and I’ll be curious to see how it fits into the supernatural world of Marvel’s witches. 

(Source: The Mary Sue)

Twilight Being Adapted (Again) As TV Series, For Some Reason

Today in “let’s just keep remaking the same things instead of trying anything new,” we’re now getting a TV series rehash of the Twilight series. Listen, I was a teenage Twilight fanatic myself, and I love a good laugh at how delightfully terrible the first movie was. But I’m left wondering if we really need to adapt these again when there are so many other wonderful books that could come to life on screen (still rooting for that Mediator adaptation).

The Mary Sue makes an interesting point that, while the Harry Potter books have plenty of elements that weren’t explored in the films, the Twilight franchise was a much closer match to its bookish source. What new ground can a TV show tread? I guess we’ll find out as more details are announced. 

(Source: The Mary Sue)

Whew, what a news-heavy week! I’m going to leave it here for now. 

Have you heard any other interesting book news this week? Are you on board for more Twilight on screen? Let me know! 


5 thoughts on “Book News Corner: Issue 21

  1. Great post! I didn’t realize a trailer had come out for Lessons in Chemistry. Definitely a book I hope to read in the next few months before the show comes out.

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