Book Mail Monday 4/24/2023

Happy Monday, book friends! It’s cold out this morning, and I am trying not to be too sad about it.

On Saturday, I finally checked out the yoga studio that’s closest to where we live now. Mr. Your Book Friend got me a class pass for my birthday after I mentioned noticing the studio, which shares a parking lot with Barnes & Noble. Naturally that means I had post-yoga book browsing to attend to. A friend got me a B&N gift card for my birthday, which meant a shopping spree was in order.

I wound up with two books, largely because I went in looking for one and couldn’t find it… until I spotted the behind-the-counter display when I went to check out.

The Druid’s Call is a tie-in prequel to the D&D movie. A transparent cash grab to be sure, but I still can’t resist the chance to read about a female druid from the D&D universe, so here we are.

Bandit Queens is the aforementioned book I went in looking for, after hearing so many good things about it. Apparently it’s a B&N book club pick and they like to hide those until you go to the register, for reasons I don’t personally understand. Anyway, I’m excited to read this one and hope it lives up to the hype for me.

That’s it for this week’s Book Mail Monday. What new books have joined your shelves recently?


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