What We’re Reading Wednesday, April 26th

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Happiest of Wednesdays, book friends! I’ve done plenty of reading the last few days, even as I’ve also been getting back into Skyrim. Most evenings after we walk Azula, I settle in to read a bit and then finish my day with a bit of video gaming. All in all, a pretty nice routine. 

With all the reading I’ve been doing, I’ve got plenty of updates this week, so let’s get to it!

(Full disclosure: This post uses Bookshop.org affiliate links. Books marked with asterisks were received as complimentary review copies). 

Recent Reads

I finished Her Majesty’s Royal Coven earlier this week, and it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger as predicted. I’ll definitely be picking up the sequel soon, though I may wait a bit since book three isn’t even close to coming out yet.

I also tore through the audio of Pam Grossman’s Waking the Witch, a wonderful exploration of cultural depictions of witches and what they say about our ideas about women. It was so good I’m tempted to grab a print copy for my shelf display. 

I will fully confess that the main reason I’m not writing reviews for either is because it’s too annoying to type with these long nails, so I’m full bare minimum mode until I lose patience and take them off. 

Current Reads

Back to the NetGalley shelves for my current read, Games and Rituals* by Katherine Heiney. It’s a short story collection, an unusual read for me, but I just adore her writing. I tend to read one story at a time, then take a break to let it marinade. So far, I’m loving it every bit as much as I expected to. 

I’m finally on to the prescriptive section of Anti-Diet, and so far it’s a bit underwhelming. Hopefully we get to some real, actionable advice soon.

Up Next & On to You

So many books, so little time! I’ve got a mounting list of anticipated reads and ARCs I need to get to, so we’ll see where I wind up next! 

It is my husband and I’s one year wedding anniversary this weekend, so I’ll be spending a bit of time out celebrating and therefore probably not so much time reading. Still, I guess that it’s worth it to celebrate our first year of marriage, right? 


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