Furbaby Friday 5/5/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! The sun is shining this morning, albeit through an eerie blanket of fog. But I’ll take it!

Azula has had a rough week, with so much rain and therefore so few opportunities for a nice long walk. We’ve done what we can, and I’m just grateful she’s settled down a bit from when she was younger! Lots of cuddles and chews, and a few quick walks and fetch sessions between showers.

Rain aside, this week has mostly been business as usual. Got some reading done and plenty of quests accomplished in Skyrim, plus a bit of writing.

This weekend, we travel to Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Marathon! I’ve had too many chronic health flare ups lately to properly train for the half-marathon I signed up for, so we’ll see how that goes. Never mad at a reason to visit my hometown, though! I’m sure Azula will be thrilled to see her grandma and grandpa, even if their dog Lucy won’t be so pleased to see her.

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