Book Mail Monday 5/8/2023

Happy Monday, book friends!

I’m writing from my parents’ couch this morning, after an adventure of a day at yesterday’s Flying Pig Half Marathon. There were thunderstorms during the race, to the point that a shelter in place was issued and the course was closed for 20 minutes. My friend and I decided not to try to continue with all the rain and lightning, so I officially have my first race DNF. I did have a lot of fun running in the rain for a little while, though!

Last week, I had a couple of fun new books show up, which means it’s time for another edition of Book Mail Monday!

First up, I was thrilled when Penguin Books reached out to ask if I’d like an ARC of Jessi Kneeland’s Body Neutral. I’ve been working on ditching diet culture and accepting my body as she is for the last few years. I remain frustrated that many anti-diet books don’t really dig into processing the reality of living in a bigger body and not trying to change it through intentional weight loss. This chunk of a book specifically about overcoming body image issues has me incredibly excited and hopeful that it will offer that missing piece. Many thanks to Penguin for sending this one my way!

Secondly, my Book of the Month arrived! The Collected Regrets of Clover is the story of a death doula, which is just such a unique premise that I had to grab it. It’s one of those early release BOTM titles, and the book officially comes out tomorrow (May 9th).

In all, an exciting week in new books arriving on my doorstep!


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