Book News Corner: Issue 24

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Happy Saturday, book friends! It’s been a relatively sunny week here in PA, and I’ve enjoyed some good long walks and even a couple of runs. 

In addition to the return of good weather, there’s been some interesting bookish news and speculation this week, which has been fun after a few relatively chill weeks. Let’s get into the book news of the week, shall we?

Fans Speculate that Taylor Swift is Releasing a Memoir… but it’s Another Music Icon, Instead 

In the book world, folks have been speculating about an unnamed nonfiction book with a massive print run that’s set to release later this summer. 

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift fans were theorizing the book might be her memoir due to its release date falling around the release of another Taylor’s Version album. For more on the theory, check out this article in Cosmopolitan

It turns out that we aren’t getting a Taylor Swift memoir just yet, though the theorist were right about one thing — it is a music icon memoir. It just happens to be by the popular band BTS, instead. Perhaps in response to the rumors, Flatiron has released the title and spilled the details on the previous mystery book, which you can read about here

(Source: Book Riot News newsletter)

Jennette McCurdy Joins the Ranks of Celebrity Book Clubs

After the overwhelming success of her (phenomenal) memoir, Jennette McCurdy has a new bookish venture — an Instagram book club. 

The author and former child star posted on Instagram about this new venture, where she will join many a bookish celeb in selecting books and facilitating discussions each month. 

(Source: Book Riot News newsletter)

That’s it for the book news of this past week! 

I’d be remiss not to also mention that the highly anticipated new Legend of Zelda game released yesterday, May 12th. Is that book news? Not really, but as a video gaming book nerd I just can’t write anything newsy and not mention it at least briefly. Happy gaming to all who celebrate! Personally I still haven’t played Breath of the Wild (I know, I know), so I will not be hopping into Tears of the Kingdom just yet. 

Okay, now I’m actually done. See any other interesting bookish stories this week? Let me know!


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