Furbaby Friday 5/19/2023

Happy Friday, book friends! I slept in a bit today, and so did Azula, who is furiously chewing her chameleon toy with all that excess energy.

The weather has been nice this week so we’ve gotten plenty of outside time. Mr. Your Book Friend expanded the fenced in area of the yard to include his garden, so Azula has had some exploring to do in her new, larger space. She’s also been firmly defending our yard from the groundhogs that live here by absolutely losing her mind whenever she spots them out the window (which, it turns out, is at least once a day).

Azula on our Sunday hiking adventure last weekend

I also got some porch reading in, which was lovely. On top of that, I interviewed for a freelance gig, set up an interview for some tutoring work, and found even more exciting new quests in Skyrim. The writing world is a bit of a mess right now with layoffs and things, so while I’m still trying to pitch pieces here and there, it’s been tough and mostly I don’t hear back at all. Part of being a writer is learning to cope with rejection, though, so it’s all just part of the process.

This weekend, Mr. Your Book Friend and I are going to the farmer’s market nearby, and I’m excited to check it out! From the website, it looks like it’s a pretty big one with a lot of interesting vendors. Alas, no dogs allowed (not that we’d bring Azula even if they were–she’d be way too busy barking and demanding to play with every dog she saw). I’m sure we’ll get in some fun times with Azula afterwards.

In Case You Missed It

This past week on the blog…

That’s it for me this week, book friends! I hope you’ve had a good week, and a good weekened ahead!


5 thoughts on “Furbaby Friday 5/19/2023

  1. I need to go read on the porch more often! It’s been gorgeous here as well.

  2. Azula is pretty and talented.
    The layoffs are crazy everywhere. And not responding to either yes or no about hiring is unprofessional of a company and frustrating. I totally understand, Amanda.

  3. I couldn’t agree more
    Great blog post! It sounds like you had a fun week with lots of outdoor time and exciting freelance opportunities. I’m curious, have you found any effective strategies for coping with rejection in the writing world? It can definitely be tough to handle, so I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.
    A Walsh

    • It’s definitely hard to cope with rejection! I think for me, it helps to remember that rejection isn’t personal. Often, it’s much more about fit than it is a comment on the quality of your writing, let alone you as a writer.

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